For Girls Tinker Academy, Sonoma State

Create a loveable robot pet with the micro:bit. How does your pet show love? How does your pet receive love? 




Buttons A and B

Tilt Sensor (accelerometer)



Light Sensor

Radio Communication (kind of an action too)


Write code for your loveable pet


25 leds



Activity  1 – Program LEDs

Try this code to give your animal a beating heart animation with the micro:bit



Activity 2 – Program buttons to control LEDs

Try this activity to use the buttons with your micro:bit



Activity 3 – Learn to use other features of your micro:bit

  1. Go here: Make it: Code it projects
  2. Select the feature you want to use in the search filter on the left



Craft a loveable pet from a sock

One way to make a sock bunny:

One way to make a sock bear:

Pay attention to the location of the “heel” of your sock. There is extra fabric there to stuff and shape.
This bear uses 1 sock, 4 rubber bands, and I hot glued the top down.

I created the owl by accident. Here is the process of making the owl. 


I stuffed the sock with stuffing, and twisted a rubber band around the sock. Then, I added more stuffing, folded the top of the sock down and hot glued the top of the sock in place. You could sew the top of the sock in place if you don’t have hot glue.
I drew a wing-shape that I liked onto paper, then cut it out of felt. I cut a total of four wing shapes because it took two wing shapes to make one wing.
I sewed the wings together (two wing-shapes per wing) and stuffed them with stuffing. Then, I hot-glued them to the owl (but you could sew them on as well).

What kind of loveable pet will you create?