Healing Work

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I believe that the work we do can be healing.

One person’s heart is not more valuable than another.

If there is a way to open hearts with the work that we do, how much better it is to open many than few. And if we can do this in a way that allows for the healing of our own hearts, then we have a mission and purpose to do good in the world.

The tragic shooting in Squirrel Hill reminded us that nothing is more precious than life itself. What matters is the heart of another. And when this is taken away, our lives are changed forever. All that we do must be aimed for healing.

I believe this can be done with the technology we choose in the classroom.

By choosing technology that allows students to create we provide tools for students to open their own hearts and minds, to work with others and to work in the world.

In the space of learning to design, I learn to value myself, to value others, and to make a difference in the world. If I do not learn how to design, I only learn how to consume what others have designed for me and so a power imbalance continues.

How do you teach a person to fish while being sure she doesn’t starve as she learns? You feed her a fish while you teach her, until she can fish for herself.

And even after she can, sometimes you bring her a fish anyway, because it is nice to share.

And we show love through our sacrifices, through what we give with a pure heart.

The Zone of Proximal Development is where we meet people. It’s where they are – sometimes giving them fish while they learn, but always keeping our focus on teaching one to fish for herself – and for others.

I believe that through curriculum design and professional development we can feed folks fish, while we teach folks to fish, and make space for them to teach others to do the same.

This requires me to let go of my ego, to put others first, and meet people where they are.

I believe that the work we do can be healing.