What is a Maker Space? “I dwell here.”

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I realize important things when I am not focused on finding a solution.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Pittsburgh, 2018

“Showering, swimming, scrubbing, shaving, steering a car…all of these are regular, repetitive activities that may tip us over from our logic brain into our more creative artist brain.” ((p. 22 Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron, 2016))

What is the value of repetition?

“I visited this old man, a simple monk, in his hermitage and I asked him: “What do you do, Fr. Timothy?” to which he replied: “I dwell here. ((Prohegumenos Vasileios of Stavronikita and Iveron who retired to Iveron Skete. Ecology and Monasticism p. 13-14))

I visited a school, and asked a child, in her Maker Space, “What do you do?” to which she replied,

“I dwell here.”