Hope Lives in Gobstoppers Left on Your Desk

Where does Hope live?

3 minute read

A role many of us know best is one of consumer, but it’s not our fault.

Much of our world was designed for us long before we arrived in it.

It seemed important to the folks designing to remove unpredictable surprises from their products and services.

(Makes sense to me.)

Occasionally finding a golden ticket wrapped in a chocolate bar might be cool, but no one wants their microwave to suddenly explode.

(A good surprise)

(A bad surprise)

Creators want their consumers to be safe (very important) and happy (who doesn’t want that?).

Creators don’t want consumers blaming themselves for something they didn’t have control over.

(Wait. Who has control?)

Getting things to be predictable is what creators do for consumers.

(Again, nothing wrong with safe and happy.)

But when creators work with other creators, they solve the unpredictable surprises together.

Creativity, spontaneity, serendipity, and hope all arise from unpredictable surprises.

(The things that make us human arise in the space of unpredictability.)

Hope lives in gobstoppers left on your desk.